At present in Australia, the individual states have different requirements for Assistance Dogs. It is important to be aware of these differences and if travelling, make sure you have the required approval and passes for the state you will be travelling in. Below is a list of the different states and requirements as well as a link to the relevant online documents and information.

Victoria – an Assistance Animal Pass is required for travel on public transport. This is issued by Public Transport Victoria and is valid for 3 years. If you are visiting Victoria and already have an Assistance Animal Pass issued by another state, you are not required to apply for one in Victoria as interstate passes are recognised and accepted.


Western Australia – The Public Transport Authority doesn’t require permits for assistance animals to travel on public transport. There is local government legislation providing for animals to have an ID card and a dog coat/harness. However, it is not mandatory for a dog to be formally accredited by the department or by one of the organisations listed in the Dog Regulations.


Queensland – TransLink (South East Queensland Transport Authority) issues an Animal Pass provided the dog meets certain standards of behaviour in public. If you already have a NSW Travel Pass this is recognised in QLD.


South Australia – The Dog and Cat Management Board issues a Disability Dog Pass that is valid indefinitely.


New South Wales – An Assistance Animal Permit is required for access to public transport, however Guide dogs and Hearing dogs do not require a permit. The permit must be renewed annually.



Australian Capital Territory – The ACT assistance animal accreditation framework. Part of the Domestic Animals act 2000.


Northern Territory and Tasmania – no system of accreditation exists, and no specific passes issued.


Other useful links for advice on discrimination and your rights

Australian Human Rights Commission:


If you feel you have been discriminated against because of your Assistance Dog, you may wish to take it further. Here is a suggested link: